My top tips for areas of Pompeii to see early to avoid the crowds

When visiting Pompeii get there early and make sure that you “hit the hot spots” first. These are the main sights that all the big tour groups will go to when they arrive, and in this way way you can enjoy a near private visit to these amazing locations. My top tips for places to tick off first are:

1. The forum
2. Terme Stabiane (the Main Baths – but if traveling with kids be aware the men’s baths have some explicit paintings)
3. Terme del Forum (the Forum Baths)
4 House of the Faun
5. The Theatre Complex (not the Ampitheatre – as that is in a significantly quieter point of the site)
6. Villa of the Mysteries

4 Tips to get the most from a trip to Pompeii

Pompeii is a huge draw for tourists from around the world but many of them are on a day trip from Rome or one of the many cruise ships that pass through the Bay of Naples and along the Amalfi Coast. Whilst these tours give one a great chance to see the amazing city of Pompeii they guarantee that you will see it with several thousands of your new best friends. By lunch time on the day I visited I think there were more people in Pompeii than would have been there at that time of day in AD 78 before the eruption! However a bit of careful planning will enable you to visit the city on your own terms.

My top 4 tips are:
1. Stay in the Area so that you can get up and go to the site early and stay till after sunset if the mood strikes you.
2. The evening before you plan to visit, go to the entrance get and pick up the guide book and map. They seem to restock supplies later in day so if you arrive early they may not have anything available in your language.
3. Over dinner, plan your assault on the ruins using the books and the map. Plan a three hour trip – start with the biggest attractions and leave the basic wandering around till after 10:30 as the big tours will only visit the key locations.
4. Be at the doors when they open to maximise your time in the city without the crowds.